Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a blast! We started the day out with lunch with Mimi and Papa Dave in Long Beach harbor. We went to the children's Christmas Eve mass. Nate was very excited to wear his suit his friend Cade had given him. He looked really handsome. Benny slept for most of the mass on Mimi and Papa's shoulders, this always makes mass much easier at his age. Nate went up to the front for the children's sermon. He walked all the way from the back corner of the church to the front, he was very brave. We were very proud of him, he looked like such a big boy (until he got up there, then he looked like the littlest one). He is going to be the best little leader for his brothers. After mass we went out for Chinese food...which I love (we used to always order Chinese food on Christmas Eve when we would go to Nebraska growing up). Then we can home and the boys opened presents.
Climbing on the dolphin outside the restaurant
Luckily there was no one in the restaurant so the boys could be as loud and crazy as they wanted. I think Brian drew the line when they were crawling under the tables,but hey they were having fun.

Our mini me tree we brought to California
Getting ready to open presents, my camera was acting up so I didn't get the best shots Nate assigned jobs...he would open the presents then Ben would play with them. Not sure if this will fly next year, but I am sure Mr. Pumpkin will let them open his presents.

We skyped uncle Justin in so he could see them open his presents.

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