Sunday, May 3, 2009

We love the Bounce House

While we were back home we got together with Jenny Harry and her sweet boys Brenham and Mason for a bounce house play date. Our boys had so much fun together! They are so close in age, it was fun to see all four of them interact together. Thank you for coming over to play with us! Benjamin, Nathanael, Brenham, and Mason

We put the beach balls in the bounce house.... twice as much fun


  1. look at all those precious boys!! what a fun time for them!

  2. Erin i wish you lived here your boys are so sweet and brenham had so much fun...i know mason did too he just doesnt speak a language that i understand heehheeh!! it was great to see and talk with you i hope you guys come back! Hug those sweet hansome boys for me