Friday, May 22, 2009

OK Call me Crazy

The other day we stopped at a Taco Bell to use the potty..... Nate has been doing awesome by the way I totally recommend the Three Day Training Method. Anyway I try to stop asap when he says he has to go. As we are walking in I realize that the bathrooms are on the outside of the building which I thought to myself was a little strange. When we get closer to the door I see that you have to pay to use them (I know this is common in other parts of the world, but not where I am from). So instead of walking back to the car to rummage around for quarters, we ventured to the wooded area behind the restaurant before Brian could see what we were doing. Nate does his thing and we go back to the car. I felt a little cheap/ghetto not sure what the correct word is, but I did not feel I should have to pay 25 cents to use a nasty taco bell potty! Then I started wondering when it becomes not OK to let you children pee in the grass, or if it is ever appropriate in the first place hahaha. We do also keep a little potty in the back of our car.....welcome to the joys of being a parent :)

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