Saturday, May 16, 2009

Music Class

This week Nate and Ben started a little music class with the city of Huntington Beach. The class consists of playing instruments, singing, dancing, marching, crawling in tunnels, and their favorite part playing with the parachute. The boys really enjoyed all the activities and interacting with the other children. Nate did so well mimicking the teacher's choreography. She was very impressed, I guess all his wedding dancing has paid off :) He got so excited when they poured all the balls on the parachute and played popcorn. He was so animated and he was so excited to talk to all the other kids. He was just in his element. Ben had fun too, although he was a little overwhelmed at first. He really just wanted to kick the balls around and play in his little corner. It is so fun to see how different their little personalities are. Ben also really liked chasing the bubbles and trying to pop them. I didn't get any pictures this week, but I will before the class ends.
On Friday we walked to a park in Newport Beach with a friend and her two little ones. It was so much fun. Most of the walk was uphill so we got a great work out. This park is beautiful, you can see the the whole harbor and the best part is the ocean breeze.
"Nate's a driving"
The view from the park, it is even more beautiful when it is not foggy.

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