Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Arts and Crafts Day

Today we did not have much going on so we decided to have a little arts and crafts day! The boys made little visors. Ben had more fun dumping all the supplies on the floor. Then they did a little painting, mostly when Ben was taking a nap. This gave me a chance to work on some little projects myself. Nate and I painted together, he thought that was so cool! "Mommy paint, Nate paint"

Ben used his brush as a weapon, go figure!

The end result...

We hung several of Nate's paintings on the wall to display
Then we had a picnic in the living room, I had to post these pictures because it looks like they coordinated their eating hahaha

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  1. hahahaha Nate paints in his boots. I just LOL'd. Also I want a foam visor too, can we craft that?