Sunday, June 19, 2011

Preschool Graduation

I am a little behind in my blogging.....the last week of May Nate had his preschool graduation from Mariners in Newport. They had a little ceremony on the last day, the kiddos looked super cute in their caps and gowns. Nate is a little shy and got embarrassed with all the faces staring at him. He decided he would cover his face with his gown. We will remind him of this when he graduates from high school and college hehehehe!

The graduate processing in.....
Where is Nate?
About to revel his identity...
That wasn't so bad!
OK maybe reveling a little too much.......hehehe
Our little graduate
Still trying to be incognito
We are so proud of this little guy! When I first saw this photo I could just picture an older version of Nate and envisioned him at all his future graduations.

Nate and his best buddy Maia.
Nate told me the other day I want to grow up and marry Maia because she is my best friend. I think he has got the wedding all planned out :) He even said he was going to ask Benny to be his Best Man :)
Brother Benny was a fabulous videographer.... mostly I was trying to keep him entertained during the ceremony while making sure Eli didn't run out and join the graduates.

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