Friday, June 3, 2011

Mr. Eli's CA 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated this little guys first Birthday with his little California friends about a month ago. He has four little baby friends that have birthday's within months of his, so we did a joint party for all five babies. Jillian (March), Eli (May), Kate (May), Juliet (May), and Chase (June) is crazy to see how big they gotten! I made a Caterpillar cake so they could all have their own smash cake and rainbow cupcakes for the big kids. Thank you Jillian for hosting the party in your back yard! I love all these sweet babies!!!

Eli this year has gone by so fast, I can't not believe my baby is ONE! You are so busy love to chase your older brothers, you have picked up walking really fast, you love "BALLS", you are such a happy little guy, and a great eater. At your one year appointment you were (19.5lbs) 5% weight and 60% height...doc always says you are a long and lean kinda guy. You have 10 teeth and you don't like whole milk. You have a contagious laugh and a warm smile. God has blessed our family, we love our ELI!

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