Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Welcome Home Elijah

This past Monday, May 10th we brought Mr. Eli home from the hospital. Here are some pics from his homecoming day.......
Eli spending some time with Mimi before she had to fly back to Texas
Eli and Daddy

Eli and his Mama getting ready for the car ride home
When we got home Nate and Ben decided to give him suckers as welcome home gift......this is a pretty nice gesture coming from a two and three year old. Eli look really excited!

Nate and Ben also painted him was so cute!
Picture from Nate
Picture from Benny

Benny made us laugh....We were home for less than 10 minutes and he spilled some water, we asked him what happen, and he said "Mr Pumpkin spilled". I am sure this is just the beginning hehehehe!
Juee and PopPop John with their new grand baby boy

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