Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Best Mother's Day Present

Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day at the hospital. I could not have asked for a more special day, I am sure this one will be hard to beat. Not only did I spent the afternoon with my three precious little men, but Brian and I both had our moms here to share in the celebration. GOD is GOOD!
Enjoying mom's hospital cake, they called "Mr. Pumpkin's Birthday cake" Nate loves holding his new brother
Grandma Juee holding her new grand baby
Mr. Pumpkin brought Nate and Ben gifts to the hospital.....they went over very well!
Mimi holding her new grand baby
Nate and Ben enjoying some snacks from the nurse
I am so very thankful we got to spend Mother's Day with our MOMS! They were such a tremendous help this weekend, it was wonderful not to have to have any worries while Brian and I were at the hospital. A special thanks to PopPop John too! I feel so blessed to have our family here to share this special time with us. I am also so thankful God has given me the gift of being a Mama to THREE precious little just doesn't get much better!

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