Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Eli's First Bath

Mr. Eli did great for his first "Bath Tub" as we call it at our house. We all talk about taking a "Bath Tub", not sure where we are taking it to......but anyways I have said it so much that name has just stuck ;) He only cried for a few seconds. He has not been much of a crier thus far so the boys were very concerned about him when he got upset. Nate was consoling him saying "It will be OK Mr. Pumpkin"....it was just about the cutest thing I have ever seen!
Both of the Buzzlight Years wanted to help with the Bath Tub. Most nights one of the boys will be Woody and one will be Buzz. This particular night both boys wanted to be Buzz so this caused some commotion. I convinced them that like in Toy Story 2 there are more than one Buzz Lightyear. So the rest of the night Nate was telling us he was the original Buzz Lightyear and Benny would say he was the one from Al's Toy Barn. This was cracking me up....for those of you that do not spend your days studying everything Disney this may not be as funny ;) I was most excited we avoided the tantrum!
PS...... Don't make fun of Eli's sponge bath, I am not a fan of those newborn bath tubs....I absolutely love the $6 sponge baths.

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  1. I get your Toy Story two joke! I have some Buzz Lightyear fans here. Infact Buzz was being mistreated today by Patrick and had to go away for 2 days and Nolan cried when Adam took him to hide him. It broke my heart.
    Eli is precious! That sponge bath thing is an awesome invention!