Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nate's Preschool Graduation

I am about a week behind on my blogging......I am sure everyone understands given we have a new little face around the house. The last week in May was the end of Nate's preschool until September. They had a little graduation program and party to celebrate the year. Grandma Juee and Sarahbelle were in town to attend Nate's first graduation. Nate looked so cute in the little blue cap and gown. Ms. Kristin had the kids walk to get their certificate and she talked a little bit about them. Nate said his favorite color was green and he wanted to be Peter Pan when he grew up! They also got to take home some of the special projects they had worked on throughout the year. Nate got to take home his "All about me" poster. He cracked us up explaining to Benny what it is was....I said to Nate "show Benny your poster" (thinking he would explain the pictures he had chosen). Nate said "Benny this is a poster, can you say that PO-STER, Benny repeat after me PO-STER". Benny being a good sport just kept practicing "PO-STER". It was so cute, especially since Benny can talk quite well...this lesson was a little beneath him.... hehehehe.
Nate and his teacher Ms. Kristin
Nate and Benny enjoying cupcakes
Nate wanted to make sure he picked up a little graduation guy toy for Benny and Eli!

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  1. Love the pictures! You are so're only 1 week behind! I wish I was only 1 week behind, and I only have ONE child!! You're an amazing mom, Erin!! :)