Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Navi... is not always right

Last Thursday we took a mini road trip to Murrietta to visit my cousin Tracy and her family. We also got to see my Uncle Mark (my mom's brother) and Aunt Diane. They had Mexican food waiting for us when we arrived (they know our favorite)! The boys had such a great time swimming in their beautiful pool. It was great seeing everyone, thank you so much for a relaxing afternoon. I am very thankful to have some family close by!
Our view from scenic lookout road (the actual name of the road)

So I was heavily relying on my navigation to take us to my cousin's house because we all know I am a little directionally challenged. Her house is about an hour and fifteen minutes from where we are in Huntington. Mr. Navi decided to send us on a dirt road through the mountains..... This made for an interesting adventure and a few laughs. The route was great shortcut until we reached the back of her subdivision. There was an iron fence that separated our car from her house. I guess this was the fastest way...maybe not the most time efficient.

Of course I had to take pictures...

Ben with Uncle Mark
Cousin Tracy and Cousin Sarahbelle
Taylor was so sweet to play with Nate in her pool. The boys had so much fun. Nate asked me when we got home "if he could go to school just like Taylor".

Benny had the best seat in the house

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