Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Trip to Disneyland

I am so excited about our annual passes to Disneyland! It is about 20 minutes from our close. I thought we could take all our visitors there this summer. This past Monday my cousin and I took the boys for the first time. They loved it! I could not believe we stayed for 6 hours, with no meltdowns may I add.
Nate meets Pulto!

The boys love their Sarahbelle

The Petting Zoo in Adventure Land

Nate and the cow "Maggie"


Two of Nate's favorites... Dancing and Firemen!

The Dumbo Ride.... a good time had by all, especially Sarahbelle


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  1. erin- love the new blog!

    the boys look so happy in these pics! such a blessing you can experience these fun times with them. can't say you would have all these pics still living in coppell! miss you and can't wait to come out and play with you all! xoxo