Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nate went under water!!

I think one of the highlights of Nate's week with Cousin Sarahbelle was going under water at Aliso Beach on Tuesday. He has been talking about it all week! He was playing in the waves, tripped and fell. He accidentally went completely under water!

His versions sounds a little like this.... "Nate went under water this week, at the beach.....he was a little bit scared, Nate cry a little bit, Sarahbelle was laughing"

Now this version of the story depicts the Sarahbelle character as not empathetic. When in fact she was the heroin that scooped him out of the water and saved his life! Thank you Sarahbelle you have given us a story we can tell for many months to come! Hopefully this will help us let go of the current favorite "seagull take my truck, thought it was food" or "ben crushed my family"

Overall it was marvelous day at the beach....

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