Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Father's Day

On father's day we went to church as a family and then went to the Santa Monica Pier.
Daddy and Nate on the ferris wheel All the rides on the pier
The view was beautiful from the top of the ferris wheel, both of the boys really like being "up high" although mommy was a little scared (I am not normally afraid of heights but add two toddlers to the mix and you can make any ride frightening)
The boys playing some of the boardwalk games
We had a hard time with skee ball, they wanted to throw the balls instead of rolling them...
Daddy showing Nate
Benny and his Juee
Nate picked out a snake for his prize and Brian won Benny a dragon.

The boys both rode the carousel
Me and Benny
We stopped at Redondo Beach to play on the way home

Benny and his Aggie hat he has been wearing for over a week. He puts it on first thing in the morning and takes it off right before he goes to bed. He also love these shoes of Nate's that are one size too big but he insists on wearing them.
We had a wonderful father's day. Brian we love you!
Brian and I are so blessed to have such amazing Dad's as role models. I will be passing through Dallas on the way to a wedding on Thursday. My sister and I plan on celebrating Father's Day with my Dad then. Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!

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