Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Family Reunion!

I am so behind, this has been a crazy busy summer.  It started out with our family from Nebraska, Colorado, and Texas visiting us in Temecula.  We ended up having three out of the five siblings (my mom's side) and 4 out of the 7 cousins.  We enjoyed a day at the winery, beach, disneyland, backyard relaxing, and celebrating my aunt Ann's Birthday.  It was such a fun week and a wonderful way to kick off the summer.  So thankful they all came to visit us!!!
Eli greeting his poppop when he arrived
Boys swinging with their buddy Jillian
Eli hanging out with Uncle Mark

Cousin Taylor 
Races with Nolan

Ann's 26th Birthday Party :)

The Siblings
The Cousins

Our better halfs :)

The 2nd Cousins

These were just Funny!  Trying to get Eli in the pic :)

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