Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bear Cub University!

 Nate and Benny have absolutely loved their Preschool this year! I feel so blessed to have found it immediately after moving here.  We have gotten to know so many of the other kids and moms.  Bear Cub helped make our moving transition seamless for both the boys and for me.

The picture above is from Disney week.  The picture below is all the little brothers sleeping while the moms get to exercise.  Most preschool days Eli and I would walk for a few hours (well he would always sleep)....thankful for workout time!
 Last Day of Bear Cub Spring 2012
 Nate's Preschool Graduation

 End of the Year Luau for Bear Cub

 Nate and Benny with their teachers Miss Lori and Miss Brooke (Mother and Daughter team)
So blessed to have such wonderful preschool teachers, thank you ladies!!!!

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