Friday, June 8, 2012

Elijah turns TWO!

 Back in this has been a busy summer, my little Eli turned two!  He celebrated his birthday at Disneyland with some very special friends (and Mickey and Minnie of coarse)!   He slept the celebration portion but was awake the rest of the day for all the rides!  Eli loves everything Disney, especially Mickey, Minnie, and perry the platypus!  Thank you to everyone that celebrated with us at D-Land!

 We had a second celebration for Eli on his actual Birthday at Pauba Ridge Park.  He requested Perry the Platupus cupcakes, hence all the aqua color lips :)  Happy Birthday to the sweetest most laid back boy I know, we love you ELI!

 A week before Eli's second Birthday we did the three day potty training.  He did an awesome job and I  am loving having a short break from diapers at our house!  Congrats MR. Eli!
Eli at Two......
Favorite activity is anything his brothers are doing, he looks up to them so much. He loves to wrestle, climb, and smile :)  He love dinosaurs, Nemo, perry, and mickey.  He loves pizza, asparagus, watermelon, chicken nuggets, and anything sweet :)  At his two year appointment he was 10% weight, 50% height, and 90% head circumference.  He is still the longest and leanest little boy in our family.  He just has the sweetest little personality, he just goes with the flow!  He has been a very easy baby and toddler.  We feel so blessed to have little Eli as our third little boy, we love you so much!

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