Saturday, September 1, 2012

Nate's First Day of Kindergarten!

 So I am like four months behind on blogging but I am going to try to play a little catch up, even if it is only for myself!  I really enjoying looking back at the last few years via blog especially when my memory fails ( I think to myself...... when did that little boy have his first haircut, steps, don't think you will forget but I get my boys confused at times...who did what when).  I will catch you up on a month long summer trip, visitors, Nate's 6th Birthday, and baby nickell #4....but first things first..... oldest started kindergarten this past month!!  Way to go Nate, he is loving every minute of school.  He was so ready to start!  We decided not to start him last year for various reasons, not really  that tough of a decision.  He would have had to go to at least two maybe three schools for kinder (because of our move), he is about 3% percentile for height and weight, and he is a BOY!  This seemed like a much better move for Nate and I am so pleased we waited.  He will be old for his grade but from my experience with people most people wished they would have waited not the other way around.

He is loving school so much he asked to go on Saturday and Sunday.  He really enjoys the kids in his class.  I have already seen so much improvement in his writing and reading and it has only been a month.  He has a really great teacher and Aid, which is  a good thing because he has 30 kids in his class.  I have been able to volunteer every Monday in his class which has been such a joy.  I have been able to get to know the kids he is talking about and see what they are learning from week to week.  I am so thankful it is a half day program because we still get plenty of learning and play time at home.  I really was excited for him to start, maybe I am saving the crying for when the last little Nickell starts school.  All I felt was excitement for him, although I got asked like 50 times if I cried.  After his first day we went on a lunch date just him and I .....very special when you have two brothers that alway with us (maybe most special for me, he really enjoyed coloring the table paper with crayons )

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  1. He is SO handsome, Erin! And sooo big!!! Cannot believe how fast our babies grow!