Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Little Eli

OK so I have to confess I am super late on the Eli Update! When we got back from Dallas I took Eli in for his 4 Month check up (a few weeks late). He measured 25.5 inches and weighed 12lbs 9oz. He is about 55% for height and like 5% for weight (but consistent growth so all was good)! He did great with his shots, we celebrated at Disneyland after the appointment (it seems to be one of our little traditions to go to Disneyland on days that involve shots). I realized I have to make his 6 month appointment in a few weeks, so I better post this NOW :) Eli is rolling all over the place, not crawling but scooting. He can't sit up by himself yet and he is much more comfortable on his tummy. We have moved him to his big boy car seat, which he is a bigger fan of. His first tooth came in a few weeks ago...YAY! We have tried rice cereal and plan to start solids in the next few weeks. I am pumped he has a tooth, the earlier they can eat kid food (and feed themselves) the better! Eli loves tummy time, his exersaucer, the ergo, and playing with his brothers. He is super easy going and he loves to smile. We love you Baby Eli!
First time with Rice Cereal
Nate and Eli sleeping
Eli and Daddy

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