Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gathering of friends

The Saturday before we left Dallas we had some old friends over to my parents house for the afternoon. It was great seeing everyone and letting all the kiddos meet each other.
We had a total of eight babies all born within six month of each other! Eli has so many friends his age :) We all love Uncle WESSSSS!
Eli and his gf Eleanor Fusch
The Hubbard Family We got to meet sweet Aubree Enlow
Grandma Juee double fisting Eli and baby Joshua Adam and Asher
Aubree....look at all the hair, I think Eli is jealous Christina and Eleanor
Eli and Eleanor Reinberg
Ok if this wasn't the kids idea it would be wrong, but since it was..........
so easy to take care of these cute doggies
Noah, Nate,Benny, and Shaelee (and Minnie)
Eli and buddy Joshua
Andy and Brian with Eleanor and Eli

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