Thursday, April 29, 2010

La Habra

Last Wednesday we took a trip to the La Habra Children's Museum. We had such a fun day playing in the toddler area, crafting some tissue paper flowers, checking out the farm animal exhibits, seeing the train, and riding the carousel. I think the most memorable part of the trip with be this crazy mom that would not remove her child from the rooster on the carousel. Luckily Miss Lori let her know what was acceptable Children's Museum behavior :) (or in Ben's words "that lady not nice" hehehehe). Thanks guys for a fun outing!
Maia and Riley
The tree house Monster is about to attack!
Mr. Nate
Sissy loves Baby Riley
The carousel before the infamous Rooster
Riley and Miss Lori
In the Farm Exhibit
The Wheels on the Bus

Mr. Cade
We don't want to look like we are having fun
Miss Maia

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