Tuesday, April 20, 2010

37 Weeks

I had my 37 week doctors appointment yesterday morning. Everything went great, she said I was measuring right on track for my May 8th C-section. Baby's heart rate sounded great and he is moving all the time....big surprise knowing what I know about my boys. Doesn't seem like this little guy is going to be any more mellow than my other two little crazy men. Speaking of.......Mr. Nate is climbing over the back of my chair as I type! This lady told me the other day she had always heard if you had three boys you are going strait to heaven! I told her it will hopefully at least take a few years off my purgatory time hehehehe.

FYI.....I love having boys and it gets a little annoying when people say " o you didn't get your girl"...like the only reason we had a third child is to have a girl or like I want to send him back or something hehehe....people are so funny! I am sure I would love having all girls too! The whole point is you have no control over it and I am just so happy for whatever God gives us!

Anyway, I feel very blessed this pregnancy had gone so smoothly! It has been the best out of the the three. I am starting to slow down, but all things considered the boys keep me going!!! We all can't wait to meet the little guy. Everyone keeps asking if I am ready for three......not sure if you are really ever fully prepared for the first, second, third, etc.......but I am really excited to meet the newest member of our family. I am enjoying these last few weeks because I know this is the "easy part". I am savoring my sleep ;) I have really enjoyed this pregnancy! I am praying for a healthy BABY!

After my appointment we headed to Disneyland with some of our little friends, we ended up staying 6 hours. We had so much fun....it really is one of my favorite places....makes me feel like a little kid too. I love that about being a mom of toddlers....seeing everything through their eyes!

who knew throwing your hat and dancing could be so much fun

Miss Lily
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  1. Love this post! You are such a wonderful mom and a role model for me! So excited to hear about the arrival of your new little man!

  2. Erin, you look GREAT! We're expecting our third too and people are saying the same thing "oooo, you might FINALLY get your girl!" That's assuming this is our last child, I guess? Or that I'd send the baby back to the hospital if he was a boy? Haha. Boys are so much fun and I'm at peace with having a whole brood of 'em. :) At least we'll always have girlfriends and sisters and Moms, no matter what! :)