Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Birthday!

I had such a fabulous birthday this year! We celebrated at the park with our sweet friends. They brought me some really yummy birthday cupcakes, thanks guys!!! After the park the boys went to target with my dad and picked out presents and cards for me. Benny choose a Monster Truck card and some silly string for my present. Neither one of the boys knew what silly string was but once PopPop explained it, they thought it sounded great. It was a big hit! Nate picked me out a construction card with really cool cranes on it :) and a PINK princess hat he called my tiaria. He told me "Mom I picked this out for you because it is your favorite color!" It was soooo sweet that he was trying to think of what I would like! He always remembers my favorite color is Pink. Eli showed me how he could stand all by himself for my Birthday :) My dad watched Nate and Benny so Brian, Eli and I could go out to dinner on a date! I even got to enjoy some Margaritas and that queso I love. I feel so blessed to have such amazing family and friends that made my special day so important! Thank you All!

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  1. Happy bday pretty lady! Hope it was wonderful! :)