Sunday, December 26, 2010

Newport Boat Parade

Our sweet friends Craig and Missy took us out on their boat to see the Newport Christmas Boat Parade. The kids looked so cute all bundled up under their life jackets. We all had so much fun! The boats and home lights are very extravagant. I brought glow bracelets so the kids spent much of the time fighting over the bracelets or making them swords (way to go Erin). We also enjoyed special hot chocolate PopPop made with a secret 90 proof ingredient to add some peppermint. I think Juee had the most fun....she started to get loud at the end :) Thank you Helmars for hosting, we had a great time!

All the kiddos.....Jack, Lily, Maia, Cade, Benny, and Nate with Juee

Laura and Chase
Missy, Maia, Lily, and Cade
Juee and Nate
Brian and Eli

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