Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

We had a fabulous Christmas Eve celebrating with family. We started the evening off going to Christmas children's mass at 4pm. The kids did pretty well and the homily was excellent. Then we went for a family dinner at Japanese BBQ grill. The boys really like this place because they can play with chopsticks and help cook the food. It worked out great, we had our own little room in the back so we could be really loud :) Nate and Ben decided to help with the decor by unwrapping all the chopsticks on the table next to us and placing them in the centerpiece. They even made sure to smuggle the 10 sets of chopsticks home with us. I guess I will wrap up chopsticks next year :) Eli went with the low calorie dinner....spinach, pears, and puffs. Then we went back to our house and unwrapped gifts. I got smart this year I used different wrapping paper for each child and no bows (the kids get so frustrated). Our first Christmas I made the prettiest I am so practical hehehehe. The boys were so excited this year! So happy Aunt E, Jeff, and my parents were here to celebrate!
Those look like chopsticks right?
The loot from Santa....

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