Sunday, June 27, 2010

Newport Nature Center

After MiMi and Aunt B left we were on our own as a family of five. I am so very thankful that we had family here the first five weeks to help! So thankful that I asked my parents to come back in July :) hehehe. It didn't take too much convincing since the weather in TX is 100 degrees and they miss their grand babies like crazy. So they are going to spend the fourth of July with us as well as Nate's Birthday.

I have had about three weeks on my own with the kiddos during the day and I am proud to say we have gotten out of the house everyday (with the help of my awesome friends...thank you Missy and Lori for my sanity). Now that I know I am capable I am ready to relax again ;)

These pictures are from an outing to the Newport Nature Center. Eli enjoyed the hike from the ergo carrier (which I love, it has been a life saver, Mr. Pumpkin has been hanging out in it almost everyday.)

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