Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fathers Day

We had an awesome Fathers day this year! Brian got tickets from Honda for Toy Story 3 at the Downtown Disney theatre. We have all been looking forward to seeing this movie for months. Brian and I have both said we feel like these characters are a part of our family because the boys are so into Toy Story. The movie was so funny! I even cried a few times, I could see Brian's eyes rolling! All three boys behaved perfectly, it seemed so easy (this is how much they liked the movie).
I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful loving husband that is so involved with his kids. Just seeing their faces when he comes home from work says it all! He has been so great about giving me a break in the evenings and understanding that being a stay at home mom you work 24/7. He isn't even afraid to take all three boys at once! Thanks Brian, we love you!

Also Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful Dad, Pop Pop John and Brian's awesome Dad, PaPa Dave!

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