Sunday, March 7, 2010

30 Weeks

Mr. Pumpkin Update.....

So Friday we had a fabulous day, went on a walk along the beach, rode bikes with the kids, and then went out to dinner with some girlfriends in Long Beach. Brian watched the boys from about 6pm to 1pm.....very nice Birthday present. We went to a Comedy Club after dinner, I laughed so hard! I think Mr. Pumpkin enjoyed the show too, he was kicking like crazy so to me this means "These guys are cracking me up". I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends that treated me to dinner and the show, it is great to get out every once in a while with just adults ;) I have been feeling really well, I am just praying everything keeps going this great.....only about 8 more weeks to go. My next appointment is on March 19th so I am really hoping they will set Mr. Pumpkin's Birthday.

This is what my boys looked like when I came home after the show....they looked so cute I just had to take a picture!!!!


  1. Erin!! You look SOOO cute!! Sounds like you had a fun night out! =)

  2. You look BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy Birthday to you! I'm saying lots of prayers through the last weeks of your pregnancy.

  3. pretty baby bump! can't wait to meet mr. pumpkin/jafar/woody/buzz/baby eli!