Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

Check out my adorable nephew "Duke"! Isn't he sweet ;) He is all decked out for the holidays, I think he makes a very cute Reindeer.
Although it is very early I decorated our house for Christmas today. I have already finished my shopping and have everything up....It is November 9th! I guess this is one plus of having most of my decoration in storage and having limited room for new toys ;) I thought I would get everything done before all of our family comes to town. My parents are coming next week for two weeks, my sister is coming the week of Thanksgiving, and Brian's parents are coming for the week of Christmas.....YAY for visitors! Get ready to see lots and lots of Disneyland pictures ;)
On a side note, little Benny stuck an unidentified object in the PlayStation 3.....I am a little worried for Brian to come home today. I have no idea what it is or when he put it in there.....what a little trouble maker. I am sure Brian will think I put him up to it! It made me remember when Erica and I stuck a Grilled Cheese in the VCR, I guess it is payback time. I should be able to narrow it down to something really small because we all know how large DVDs are.........


  1. OMG i am laughing out myself!! that is hilarious. brian will just have to live without the playstation. time to prep for baby #3!

  2. How awesome that you got everything done so you can relax and enjoy!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! =) You will have to update on the status of the time you guys are in town can Benny come over to my house for a few hours? hehe!