Thursday, December 8, 2011

December...the Move

So we closed on our house December 5th. We had shipments from Huntington Beach an all our stuff from TX we left in storage for the last three years. I made a point to get all my Christmas shopping done while we were in temporary housing. That worked out well because the month of December flew by!
I can not tell you how excited I was to have finally have a little space again!! I love love my washer and dryer, Mimi and PaPa Dave bought them for us for Christmas. This is saving me 8 plus hours a week. The kids love their Christmas present from Juee, PopPop, Aunt E and Jeff.....they have already spent hours on the swing set in the backyard. This is perfect for three little boys with lots of energy. This will for sure be a Christmas I remember forever! I feel so very blessed! Things just seem so much easier now!
Nate making a Birthday cake for Jesus our Christmas tradition. We were also visited by our Elf on the shelf Buddy for the month. Buddy enjoyed having more than two rooms to hide in :) It was also fun to have our big tree and all of our Christmas decorations back after three years.

I caught Eli trying to open on of his presents. I used different paper for each kid so he knew which presents were the ones for Eli :)

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