Sunday, July 31, 2011

The 5 year old!

Since Nate's Birthday he has been refering to himself as "The five year old", Benny as "The three year old", and Eli as "The one year old". Who needs names....we have numbers :)

For Nate's fifth birthday he requested a SUPERHERO Party. His favorite super hero currently is Ironman. We did a joint party with his buddy Cade Helmar. Cade is more of a transformer fan, so I decorated their cakes accordingly. I made the rainbow cakes again and rainbow cupcakes because the kids love all the colors (and so do I). Grandma Juee made special capes for each of the kids attending, they turned out awesome. The kids were so excited, thank you Grandma Juee!! Missy (Cade's mom) made all the food, it was yummy (I love joint parties)! Also thank you to Nina for the delicious salad. We held the party at Pretend City in Irvine. We had the party room for lunch then got to play in the museum for a few hours after. After the party we went out to dinner in Long Beach to celebrate the birthday boy some more!

Nate Stats at FIVE:
Nate is 40 1/2 inches and 35 pounds
favorite color- red and green
favorite things- pirates and superheros
favorite songs- dog days are over
favorite places- disneyland, legoland, and parks

You bring us joy everyday, we love you precious Nate, our first born!

The superhero capes....
The birthday cake....

The superkids.....

Nate and Daddy!
Time to play at Pretend city....
I love how sweet Benny is when he thinks I am not looking :)

Nate, Juee, and PopPop
The five year old, the three year old, and the one year old

At dinner....

Nate and his famous lemon face he used to make when he was the one year old :)
Nate and Eli modeling thier capes

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  1. AHHhh!!!! I love the superhero fashion show! haha! It's as close as we'll get to fashion shows, right Erin? ;) Love visiting your "home" on the web here, it's always so encouraging to see how active you are and how much fun you have with those 3 boys! blessings to you all and happy birthday Nate!