Monday, January 17, 2011

Eli 8 months

Mr. Eli is 8 Months.....such a big boy.

He keeps himself busy by...
pulling up on anything he can find
cruising from object to object
laughing and smiling all the time
working on tooth 5 and 6
saying bahbahbahbah

When I took him to the doc for his double ear infection he weighed 16lbs 6oz and measured 27 inches. This little man still is not a sitter and hates to have his cloths and diapers changed (he tries to crawl away at crazy fast speeds). I am convinced this is a learned behavior from watching me try to get his brothers ready in the morning. He is still nursing and eating 2 to 3 solid meal/snacks a day. He is not walking yet....YAY. I looked back at Benny's baby calendar and he was already walking (8 months 1 week). I am very excited to say we should at least make it until 9 or 10 months, maybe longer! We love you Baby Eli, you bring joy to everyday!

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