Thursday, November 18, 2010

Elijah is SIX Months

It is so hard to believe baby Eli is six months old...boy does time fly when you are a parent. It is so weird how some days can seem like forever but a whole year just flies by!! Things are getting so much easier. Mr. Eli is just the happiest most "Chill" little guy I have ever seen. God knew what he was doing giving me little Eli as my third child. He is just pure JOY!

Little Eli at Six Months....

He weighs 14lbs 2 oz, measures 26 inches

He has two bottom teeth

Love his solids...peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, bananas, apples, and pears
(he even stole a bite of Benny's waffle this morning, so I guess he is ready for real food hehe)

He can not sit by himself, but he can crawl from one side of the room to the other. He if following in his brothers footsteps, lets skip this whole sitting thing. About the only time he will sit is to eat, otherwise he hates the bumbo, bouncer, and high chair. He actually flipped the bouncer over, I didn't know this was possible.

He is always on the move!

Loves the exersaucer and johnny jump up, most of all loves to crawl. He is starting to pull up on low to the ground objects.

He still takes most of his naps in the ergo, but he also likes his crib.

He likes lots of noise and lots of chaos (like he had a choice). The other day for his nap I had to leave the door open so he could joke.

He hates to have his cloths or diaper changed, he squirms and flips to try and get away, also following in brothers footsteps, guess I will have to make him put on his own cloths early too :)

Not a big fan of the bottle, but we haven't tried hard I would just rather take him with me. Taking one child with you seems so easy, plus he is my little buddy.

Not sleeping through the night, probably because mom is not good at letting babies cry. Blahhh the books...... we are more of the cuddling family. O the earth mothers would be so proud of us...some nights we look like we are firm believers in the family bed.

We love this smiley boy!!! Happy 6 months Eli!

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