Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Going Bonkers

Another one of our Texas favorites.....Going Bonkers!!! My CA friends know about this place because I compare every kid indoor playground to this fabulous establishment hehehehe! You can't bet it for the price (although Texans don't have the beach or Disneyland). Anywho we have also been to Bonkers five times including this morning, but I forgot my camera. The kids have enjoying crawling in tunnels, sliding down the super slides, and all around going bonkers :) PopPop, Aunt E, Jeff, Brian, the Kulle family, the Weisbruch family, and the Pipkin family have all joined us for our outings to Bonkers.
Brian and Benny racing down the slide
Nate and Delaney falling off their horses
Delaney and Nolan Patrick

Nolan and Lindsey
Crystal and Baby Joshua
Baby Eli's First Trip

Aunt E playing baby human

1 comment:

  1. The one with you going down the slide with all 3 boys is CLASSIC! I wish we had one of these in C.S.!!!